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Are you a fan of thrillers? This genre is really incredible because it provides an opportunity to forget about all your problems. If reading blood-curdling thrillers is the best pastime for you, have a look at the list of the most interesting books in this genre. New and increasingly sophisticated books in the genre of thriller can be found in the electronic library. Just write “Libros de suspenso” in the search and find the book to your taste.

Sarah Gio, “Vіvat”

Two women and one terrible crime. What could be worse than a disappeared, kidnapped kid? Little Daniel disappeared from his home in 1933, it suddenly snowed on that May night. His mother, Vera Ray, was on a night shift at the hotel, and when she returned home, she did not find her son. And the snow "blackberry winter" hid all traces. In 2010, the winter also unexpectedly visits in May. Seattle Herald reporter Claire Aldridge looks for information about this natural phenomenon and learns about the abduction, which was never revealed. And she promises herself to find out the truth.

«My son's girlfriend» Michelle Francis

Mother's heart feels the danger of luring her child. Even if this child is an adult boy, and danger is his girlfriend. Nobody wants to listen to Laura Cavendish's opinion of the beautiful, smart and ambitious Cherry, the beautiful companion of her son. After all, too often the boys' moms grow and tremble "bride" for nothing. But in this case, perhaps, the sixth mother's feeling is not mistaken. Or is it wrong?

«The Night Manager» John Le Carre

It's a spy thriller. Who knows best about mysteries and secret meetings in the city? That's right, the night manager at the hotel. Jonathan Payne was recruited for reconnaissance so that he could bring to the clean water a terrible scoundrel Richard Roper, whose true essence hides behind the mask of an impeccable British gentleman. The author of the novel, John Le Carre, received a number of prestigious awards for his works: The Golden Dagger, the Somerset Maugham Prize, as well as the prestigious Edgar. And the book itself was filmed mini series with Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie starring.

«Deep under water», Paul Hawkins

Have you read the novel "Girl on the train"? Paul Hawkins's novel, according to critics, is even better. In the new world, a small, peaceful town has its own nest in the New World: it has its own lake, in which, over the centuries, a dozen women have been drowned. Writer Nell Abbott became interested in the terrible stories of the unfortunate drowners. And it became one of them. Now, it's necessary to open the secret, otherwise it'll be impossible to avoid new victims!

«Doll» Daniel Cole

That's a terrible horror. In one apartment, policemen find a terrible "doll" made of six dismembered people. And the index finger of this "doll" was directed to the window of the house opposite. That is where Detective Nathan Wolfe lives, who is determined to unravel this case and punish a psychopath who for some reason knows so much about him.

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