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The insurance contract may be concluded either by a vehicle owner or the one who purchased the vehicle on credit, leased or received it for rent. The insurance contract can be acquired by both an individual and a legal entity - an enterprise, an organization. Insurance policy is a prerequisite of the bank when issuing a loan for the purchase of a new car.

Today, car owners are offered to choose among different insurance programs for each type of vehicle. In developing the kasko insurance programs, all the nuances of the vehicle operation are taken into account for owners to enjoy the best insurance conditions.

What Kind of Accidents Are Covered by Full Auto Insurance?

CASCO is an insurance against everything except what is covered by the insurance policy. Here is a brief list of situations in which the existence of such a policy would be helpful.

  • If the car is stolen - the insurer will pay its cost.
  • If the driver lost control and moved into a ditch — the insurer will pay for repairs.
  • If the car was scratched in the parking lot or the glass was stolen — insurance will compensate the damage.
  • A stone on the road hit the spotlight or glass and broke it — it will be covered by the insurance as well.

Check the full list of insurance cases that the insurance company is ready to compensate for losses is stipulated in the contract. Therefore, it is worth checking with the insurance agent all the nuances and carefully read the terms of the contract before making a decision and paying money.

CASCO is a voluntary insurance but only if the car is not purchased on credit. Otherwise, the bank or a leasing company will definitely demand to insure the car according to the full insurance.

This type of insurance will not protect against all problems - the insurer will not save you from a fine or deprivation of a driver's license for creating an emergency, and will have to take responsibility in accordance with the law. But you won't need to pay for a broken bumper or a crumpled wing. And vice versa: if someone broke your car, the insurance company will pay for repairs. Check the full guide to car insurance to have a better understanding of situations that are covdered by the car insurance.

Bear in mind that if an accident occurs, all participants in the accident must call their insurance companies. After it becomes clear who is to blame for the accident, the insurance company of the perpetrator assesses the damage and makes the victims pay for car repairs.