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While therapies such as a nuru massage are not very often thought about as psychological tools, the truth is, they too can become potent in helping with various undesirable states of mind. Stress and low self-esteem can negatively impact your life in more ways than one. While we’re far from calling nuru massage a universal cure for these malaises, it is certain it could do its share of work on remedying them. If you wish to find out how, then read on!

Nuru massage explained in simple terms

In case you’re still wondering what a nuru is, then perhaps a quick introduction is in order. It falls into a category of the so-called body to body massages, which feature a close, naked contact between the therapist and the client (no direct sex, though), and is usually finished with an orgasm, also referred to as a “happy ending”. Nuru is slightly different from the other “b2b’s”, since a unique slippery seaweed gel is used, allowing for movement unhindered by excessive friction.

Ok, but how does that help improve one’s self esteem?

Though it may not seem so at the first glance, it can actually do just that. It’s not unusual for many people to feel uneasy before trying this procedure for a first time in their lives. Being naked, and having a complete stranger, also naked, sliding across your body in a strange, slippery fashion? It can sound scary until you’re actually tried it. But once you did, you can congratulate yourselves – you overcame your trepidation and actually made the move, which should lift your spirits at least a little bit already!

But things are just getting started…

The problems for many people lie in their skewed self-perception and complexes about their bodily image. No wonder, when we’re daily bombarded with pictures of perfect bodies of models in media and advertisement, it is hard to measure against these, making us feel inadequate . Nuru can, at least partially, remedy thins. The core principle of it is an undiscriminating, loving and caring approach to all types of bodies, no matter their size, shape or age. Once one finds oneself being the focus of care and attention of a smoking hot girl, happy to be in close contact with you, one might reconsider his view of his own body. And being more comfortable in one’s own skin is definitely a good stepping stone to a higher self-esteem and confidence.

The need for intimacy

Of course, the “happy ending” is nothing to be scoffed at either

As we said, this procedure involves a final orgasm, which will greatly relieve any sexual frustration you might be experiencing at the moment. Orgasms physically release tension, adding to the overall enjoyment, and also pour some feel-good hormones such as oxytocin into your system, furthering your feeling of relaxation and greatly combating stress.

Of course, a healthy body contributes to a healthier mind also

And a well-performed nuru does wonders for the body too. It can:

  • Speed up your blood circulation, allowing for a more efficient distribution of nutrients to your whole body, as well as the strengthening of your immune system.
  • Ease the built-up tension in your muscles
  • Moisturise and improve the condition of your skin
  • Improve your libido, help with erectile dysfunction

All of these are great for your physical wellbeing. And physical wellbeing is extremely important for the mental wellbeing as well . Do not underestimate the potential of the nuru massage! Treating yourself to one can dramatically improve your overall satisfaction with yourself, and give you a health boost that you need!

Do you have a confidence problem? Did you seek any help with that, or have you heard of any ways to overcome it? Which are those? Feel free to comment below!