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Library users have an excellent opportunity to benefit from the great features of CataList. Seeing and acting on "Recommend" buttons happen to be the main aspect to be considered. Each month, libraries register at CataList in order to request online reading copies of upcoming books.

Checking copy requests

If you make reading copies available to online users, you can allow only specific types of users to submit requests and complete an online form in CataList. All of your books that address these requirements can be delivered to a particular part of the audience. If you like to deliver reading copies to a specific group of users, you just need to check off your criteria (libraries, media, distributors, and/or self-registered users) in an online form. In other words, you should definitely provide an email address of where you'd like these applications to be sent.

Smart tricks for CataList users

If you are a publisher, you should check whether your book is marked as a Loan Star. There are plenty of things you could do to boost the number of votes for your book. Here are some nice tips to distribute your romance, drams, or erotica online.

Tip 1: Make sure your books belong to CataList

All Loan Stars lists can be found in CataList. If you don't find your books there, it means that they don't receive any votes. The libraries can vote on a book or request a book to check. Meanwhile, you won't be able to know whether they vote from a publisher profile.

Tip 2: Make reading copies available for library

You should make your reading copies easily accessible for third parties. Library staff can't vote for your book if they cannot open it. Moreover, there is a nice collection of books suggested for requests in a monthly newsletter.

Step 3: Do some marketing for forthcoming books

Publishers should ask library staff to vote for their books by delivering bookmarks with reading copies, mentioning Loan Stars in their newsletters, as well as marking books.

Step 4: Support BookNet in marketing and distributing your books

You should admit the importance of this collaboration. These involve communication via social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as the normativity of forthcoming reading options.

Step 5: Join online contests

Each month, libraries are involved in online contests where they can decide on a reward package of three books. The winning reward is delivered to one publisher at a time.

Thus, publishers must be creative in what they are issuing. The high level of creativity is probably the major thing that is expected from them at the level of BookNet contests.