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Online slots have taken the gambling world by storm, and the flavor of the month is Texas Tea. This is one of the classic five-reel three-row slots with twelve fixed paylines. Its name refers to two things – oil and a drink. Historically, Texas has been a place rich in oil, so petroleum extraction and refining is one of the most advanced industries in the state. And the drink referred to as Texas Tea is the simplified version of a more popular Long Island Iced Tea. Both are a mixture of strong alcoholic beverages such as vodka, rum, tequila, and gin, topped with a splash of Coca-Cola, and both do not contain any tea. Perhaps, that’s what they mean by “work hard, play harder”.

Back to the matter at hand – the Texas Tea slot game features the Wild West theme with buffalos, oil wells, armadillos, cactuses and desert flowers. This particular slot is on the easier end of the spectrum – even if this is your first time spinning reels, it will take you under ten minutes to understand the game ins and outs.

The game loads very fast, and after the first launch, it offers you to turn the sound on or off and shows you where to change your bet size. As mentioned earlier, you cannot pick specific paylines but you can place a bet on one or several of them. Maxing out on all paylines gives you a shot at the jackpot. You can read the rules of the game by clicking on an arrow in the top right corner and choosing the corresponding item, but, overall, the Texas Tea interface is pretty intuitive. What you are going to need is a paytable – it contains the symbol payouts.

Once you’ve read the rules and the paytable, you are free to practice on the demo or go straight to a real money account – we wish you best of luck!