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This guide will suit everyone: from beginners, who absolutely do not know what Dota is to amateurs who spent quite a few hours playing the game. It will be useful for those who want to improve their knowledge about the game and to try Dota 2 betting, which is not less interesting than playing.

Dota Basics for Beginners

The game is distributed through Steam. Now, the game is distributed through the F2P system, which means it is easier to get access to Dota 2. It is enough to find it on Steam and download. Well, you have downloaded Dota 2. What to do next? Before you start open the "Training" tab and read the description of the characters there. All characters are unique, so you can find, so to speak, your hero. Do you like to steal towards the enemy in invisibility and attack him from behind, or you prefer to burst into the thick of the battle and shred all left and right. Or maybe you love helping your allies by healing their wounds? All this and much more is in Dota 2!

Just with the hero that suits you, you will learn how to play faster. And later you will be able to learn how to play with other heroes. After you have chosen your hero, you need to find a guide for this hero. There are many resources with guides for one or another hero, so you can just use Google. Next, go to play this hero with bots (computer-controlled heroes).

You can play alone with the Allied bots against a team of other bots. There is also a mode in which five people play as a team against a team of bots. The main thing to remember is that bots basically play perfectly (and generally only work according to predefined algorithms) when players make mistakes. So if you are not very good at playing with bots, try playing against people. It is much better to play together with friends, having gathered in advance in the voice conference Skype or another similar program.

Dota Heroes

Dota has a lot of heroes. Each looks different, each has its own history and unique abilities. Heroes are divided into darkness and light (as well as the sides during the game), but you can choose any hero no matter which side you play. Also, the heroes are divided according to the main characteristics: strength, dexterity and intelligence. All characters have these characteristics, but for every point of the main attribute, the hero gains damage by 1. Roles in Dota are determined by the hero’s playing style, depending on his characteristics and abilities. Different roles are suitable for different characters, so they can act differently in various situations. There are major and minor roles. Choose the one that suits you most and check the detailed Dota guide before you start playing!